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Kat's Photography, photos by Kat Stiennon. Kat is a Madison area local photographer, who has a Bachelor's Degree in Art and Classical Humanities from UW-Madison. She specializes as a freelance dance, theatre, headshots, and beauty photographer.

It was love at first sight when she got her 1980s Fisher Price camera. Since then, photography has been a big passion in Kat's life. Her joy of capturing movement, comes from her former years as a dance student. Kat's knowledge of aesthetics, and her faster than average reaction time, produces elegant photographs.

Kat Stiennon's photos have been featured by Broadway World, Brown Girls Do Ballet, New York City Ballet, Shutterbug Magazine, Monochrome Awards, International Photography Awards, NHL draft, and used by Floating Point FX in the movie "Patriot's Day." 

Kat Stiennon photographs with her heart. She is friendly and loves to collaborate. Kat’s Photography is proud to have raised thousands of dollars, via silent auctions, for local non-profit women, children, and dance charities.

Meet Kat Stiennon…

Special thanks to everyone who has supported my dream to be a photographer.
— Kat Stiennon
Photo Credit: Lanza Photography

Photo Credit: Lanza Photography


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Testimonials and Accolades

International Photography Awards- Honorable Mention

International Photography Awards- Honorable Mention

"Kat remarkably captures the beauty and energy of dance in her photography. It's as if you are sharing the stage with the dancer." - W. Earle Smith (Former Artistic Director of Madison Ballet, Board Member at Capital City Theatre)


"Thank you @katstiennon for a wonderful photo shoot! Magnum Opus can't wait to do more with you." - Abigail Henninger (Artistic Director of Magnum Opus; Former Company Member at Madison Ballet) via Instagram


"(Kat) knows how to photograph dancers." - Molly Luksik (School Director of Central Midwest Ballet Academy; Former Company Member at Madison Ballet)


Monochrome Awards- Honorable Mention

Monochrome Awards- Honorable Mention

 "I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot so many times with Kat! I’m so happy to not only be able to look back at these photos, but also have the fun memories!" - Kelanie Murphy (Former Company Member at Madison Ballet) via Instagram Stories

"This photo shoot was so much fun." - Kristen Hammer (Company Member at Madison Ballet) via Instagram


"You made my night. Thank you, Kat." - Catherine Rogers (Company Member at Madison Ballet) via Instagram


"This is so awesome! Thank you!" - Elizabeth Cohen (Former Company Member at Madison Ballet; Former Director of Encore!, Associate Artistic Director and Company Member of Ballet de Barcelona) via Instagram


"Glorious!" - Bjorn Bolinder (Photographer at Find a Light Photography; Former Company Member at Madison Ballet) via Instagram

“…to @katstiennon, the incredibly talented dance photographer for @magnumopusballet! Kat’s work has meant so much to me because it has helped me to appreciate my body and my abilities as a dancer in a new way. I am so grateful for Kat’s loving heart and genuine care for her art and the artists she collaborates with. Thanks for everything, Kat!” - Amanda Meuer (Former Magnum Opus Ballet Company Member), via Instagram


"Exquisite." - Shawn Lent (Social Practice Dance Artist and Manager at In the World) via Facebook

Featured by New York City Ballet, in their #withballet social media campaign

Featured by New York City Ballet, in their #withballet social media campaign

"We highly recommend booking Kat for your audition photos! Fun shoot and love the photos! Kat Stiennon, you really captured her."

“Love these shots!” - Rebecca Powell via Facebook


“Wow! Thank you for this lovely headshot, Kat.”

“When I look at these pictures, the only word that comes to mind is, WOW. Is wow even really a word? Thank you, Kat.” 

"Your work takes my breath away, Kat!" - Kendra C Thompson via Facebook


“Wow… Just, wow.”

“This are crazy good!” - Michelle Chui via Facebook


“Love this shot.” - Kim Stalker-Herron via Facebook

Featured by Shutterbug Magazine.

Featured by Shutterbug Magazine.

“Kat, you did a fantastic job with this shot.” - Jane Duchemin via Facebook

“Beautiful.” - Tana Wenkman via Facebook